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Chakra Oils


Specially blended to work on opening/enhancing each Chakra and then tuned to it's own individual frequency.

Red - Root


Overall Physically Invigorating


Tuned to C



Use Red for:

• Courage

• Vitality

• Confidence Building

Orange - Spleen


Joyful - Cheer Up Your Day


Tuned to D



Use Orange for:

• Energetic feeling

• Happiness

• Enthusiasm

• Self assurance

Yellow - Solar Plexus


Enhance Your Being


Tuned to E



Use Yellow for:

• Exhilaration

• Refreshment

• Mental motivation


Green - Heart



Balance the Heart Chakra


Tuned to F#


Use Green for:

• Compassion

• Emotional stabilization

• Self love

Blue - Throat



Clears thoughts


Tuned to G


Use Blue for:

• Calming

• Peace of mind


Indigo - Brow

Third Eye




Tuned to A


Use Indigo for:

• Intuition building

Violet (Purple) - Crown





Tuned to B


Use Violet for:

• Openness

• Self awareness

• Inspiration



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