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Our mission is to provide education about the medicinal universe of plant life and to offer products derived from these same plants.

We try to obtain our herbs and oils from the highest quality sources but also in a way that the people of the land may benefit from our use as well.
Our products include tinctures, essential oils, herbal tea, salves, lotions, soaps and facial cleanser. Along with our regularly stocked items, we also offer exceptional customs blends to meet most needs.


The root is used as tea for feminine discomfort, IBS, hypertension and due to it's bitterness, it is great for digestion.

Albizia Julibrissin

The Mimosa tree most commonly known for it's "pink cotton" is a powerful mood elevating herb known in TCM as "The Collective Happiness".


For centuries the flowers of this plant from the mint family have been used for calming, headaches, appetite, nerve tonic and breath freshening.

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